Olkhana, buckskin, 2009,
line Fakirpelvan, 154-154-176-18 (3)


The dark-buckskin daughter of Omega - Olkhana - is one of the most long-awaited foals. A perfect specimen of her ancient type, Omega has shaken many breeders. Alexander Klimuk, the breeder at the Stavropol studfarm made various attempts to exchange Omega with his mares. He was ready to exchange Omega for two or even three mares. Unfortunately, because of Omega's difficult personality, it was difficult to get her in foal. She was unreceptive to stallions and wouldn't let them near her. As a result, Omega was sent to the Institute of Horse breeding of Russia for artificial insemination, using fresh sperm from the Akhal-Teke stallion Kharamdel. In 2009, our magnificent Olkhana was born. She is the daughter of dark-buckskin stallion Kharamdel, whose grandfather is Khalif, and the grey mare Omega, who is a grand daughter of Omar. Olkhana, who has intralinear inbreeding on Fakirpelvan, contains a combination of the blood of the magnificent racer Omar and of the magnificent jumper Khalif.

Thus this small beauty has the refined type of her mother and - better yet - slanted eyes, a long neck, big poll, and curved forehead. We hope that Olkhana will become as great a mare as her mother Omega, and will be our pride and joy for many years.

N101009905 Kharamdel, d.buckskin, 2005 1105 Helvar 21, d.buckskin, 1986 971 Halif 828 Fakirpelvan
1696 Hanum
1991 Lada 860 Ararat
1590 Lola
2972 Khanbibi, black, 1983 1006 Posman 914 Polotli
1646 Perizad
2495 Khaoma 20 971 Halif
1421 Akra 10
N101005901 Omega, grey, 2001 1228 Maksut 2, black, 1989 1083 Omar 910 Opal
1631 Oktava
2014 Mushmula 960 Muhtar
1305 Moroshka
2878 Opera, grey, 1990 969 Rokot 902 Kirigi
1842 Rovshan
2406 Odessa 984 Dagdan
2018 Odetta


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