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Our pride - Akhal-teke horses


Price for Akhal-teke horses. 

Kadzakh, Memori 
Orzepa, Digiza

We also have AMHA mini horses and English Thoroughbred geldings for sale with starting price 1500 EUR


Agrofirm Alania is situated in the picturesque corner of the western Slovakia at 700 meters above sea level. In the ecologically pure area of Becovec Stara Lehota near the small resort town of Piestany. Fine pasture meadows, hilly district, large forests, natural springs - all together, promote the ecologically-pure breeding of horses.

Agrofirm Alania – a small agricultural enterprise, has it’s main purpose of breeding horses of the Akhal-teke breed, and also the production of ecologically pure products on the basis of cow and sheep milk. The Agrofirm has it’s own herd of sheep of French milkbreed the Lacon in quantity of 500 heads, and also a small herd of tribal cows of Holstein breed.

We also have a small fenced area which contain 5 European fallow deer (Daniele) and 5 moufflons. Also dogs, hens, pheasants, peacocks and some exotic African cows of Zebu breed.

One of our ornaments are our tribal American Miniature horses imported from the USA and also our stallion H&HS Eros of Olympus - AMHA Reserve Grand Champion 2005 in Europe.

For our friends and buyers we have a guest house with a sauna, massage, a fireplace, and a big hall. In the near future we plan to make a small cafe-terrace in view of showing off our horses.

We would like to surprise our visitors and friends with give antique carriages rides, harnessed of beautiful Friesian horses in Baroque style.

Organically and naturally is entered in a landscape of our Agrofirm the small factory on productions of sour cream, cheese, butter, yoghurts and other milk products which are very popular with the local population and tourists.

But our main pride is our horses. Within 2008 we imported three loads of the best horses of Akhal-teke breed from Russia. Our pride are the elite stallions Dujgur, Lamart, Asket, Gadzhikhan, and such mares as World champion Omelia, the Reserve World champion - Omega and Faridakhanum, and young perspective mares Simfila, Bagrakhanum, Danaida, Dzhipri and others.

We are always glad to host visitors, buyers, tourists, friends, and of course nature-lovers. We are ready to meet you with warm Alansky hospitality.


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